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Himveer Wives Welfare Association

Welcome to HWWA

* Registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860.

* Its registration Number is S-32951 of 1998, PAN No. AAAAH3056Q.

* Its CSR registration Number is CSR00073225.

* Membership of HWWA is open to lady wives of ITBP personnel and lady officers who fulfill the terms and conditions laid out by HWWA without discrimination of religion, caste, colour, sex or creed and as approved by the Governing Body of HWWA.


  • To develop and implement various programmes and schemes for helping families of Jawans/personnel of the Force.

  • To organize medical camps and spread awareness about family planning, health and various communicable diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis etc.

  • To organize various activities for preservation of ecology in country i.e. plantation of sapling, Ecology awareness campaigns etc.

  • To organize various welfare functions and exhibitions.

  • To impart training on preparation of handicraft items, cutting, tailoring and work of embroidery to the families of force personnel.

  • To organize short term training programmes such as beautician, mehndi designing, preparation of bakery items, pickle etc. to enhance the income of families of soldiers and to make them independent.

  • Fabrication of uniforms of the soldiers.

  • Fabrication of any other items of uniform like jerseys, socks, cap-comforters etc.

  • To run any other activities for the welfare of ITBP families.

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