Career Prospects ( GD and Technical Cadre)

Post Retirement Benefits in ITB Police

Pay Structure

Scholarship Scheme for Medical Students of Govt. Medical Colleges/Institutions,willing to serve CPMFs (download PDF


Indo-Tibetan Border Police is a Force synonym to adventure. Serving in such a Force is dare-devilish as well as challenging.There are many ways to adore Nature and joining ITBP is one of them. Some of the attractive features of the Force are - skiing, mountaineering , trekking, river rafting and the thrill of proximity to the mountains. The lure of the snow, mountains and adventure provide ample opportunities to the young at heart to perform daring feats, serving the country along with an excellent career, pay and service perks. The Force recruits young men at the four levels of Assistant Commandant - Sub-Inspector - Head Constable - Constable. Vacancies are advertised from time to time in all leading newspapers and the ' Employment News '. Like other official jobs, there is a reservation of 15 percent for members of the Scheduled Caste, 7.5 percent for Scheduled Tribes and 27 percent for Other Backward Class candidates. The candidates are required to undergo written tests followed by a Physical Efficiency Test, a medical examination and finally an interview.

(i) Career Prospects (GD & Technical Cadre)
(ii) Post Retirement Benefits in ITB Police.
(iii) Scholarship Scheme for Medical Students of Govt. Medical Colleges /Institutions, willing to serve CPMFs.
(iv) Pay Structure.

Assistant Commandant
(General Duty)

Assistant Commandants are recruited by the Combined Special Selection Board constituted by the Ministry of Home Affairs through UPSC. Written examination for Assistant Commandant is in two papers viz. - Intelligence test & General Knowledge and Essay Writing. Thereafter, the Special Selection Board conducts a Physical Efficiency Test, medical examination and an interview for selecting the candidates. (Group 'A' service, basic pay, Rs.15,600-39,100)


(General Duty)


Direct Recruitment of Sub-Inspectors for Central Para Military Forces including the Indo-Tibetan Border Police is done by the Staff Selection Commission by conducting a common examination annually. The mode of conducting examination for Sub-Inspectors is in two parts, Part-I has written tests in General Intelligence, Reasoning, General Awareness, Numerical Ability and English language and Part-II has the Physical Efficiency Test, medical examination and interview. (Group 'B' service, basic pay, Rs.9,300-34,800)

(General Duty)

Indo-Tibetan Border Police conducts recruitment rallies in different parts of the country for enlisting constables. In the written test question paper will be set to assess the general knowledge, elementary mathematics, ability to observe and distinguish patterns, followed by the Physical Efficiency Test, medical examination & interview.(Group 'C' service, basic pay, Rs.6,460-20,200)


Conditions for Eligibility[GENERAL DUTY CADRE]

Assistant Commandant




19 to 25

18 to 25

18 to 23






165cm & above

170cm & above

170cm & above






6/6 to 6/12

6/6 to 6/9

6/6 to 6/9


In Age


For members of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes


Ex-servicemen and demobilized personnel of Armed Forces with not less than 6 months in the Armed Forces

Service rendered in Army, Navy and Air Force plus 03 years

Meritorious Sports persons

Up to 5 years. (10 years for SCs/STs and 8 years for OBCs)

In Physical Standards

For Male Candidates



The minimum height for candidates belonging to Garhwal, Kumaon, Himachal Pradesh, Leh & Ladakh, Kashmir Valley, Gorkhas, Marathas, Dogras, Sikkimies and North - Eastern States shall be 165 cms. For Tribals / Adivasis including Mizos and Nagas, it shall be 162.5 cms.


For Tribals and Adivasis :-

Unexpanded   - 77 cms
Expanded - 82 cms         

For Female Candidates



For General Candidates - 157 cms
For Gorkhas /Garhwalis /Kumaonese /Dogra / Marathas - 155 cms
For Adivasis - 154 cms


There are a numbers of Technical Cadres viz., Medical,Telecommunication , Para-medical , Engineering,Veterinary, Motor Transport, Education, Clerical, Stenography,Hindi Translator & Tailor etc.Pay scales and perks of various ranks in these cadres are identical to that of General Duty Cadre.




Assistant Commandant
(Medical Officer)

23 to 30yrs

Recognised Medical qualifications included in the First Schedule OR Second Schedule to the Indian Medical Council Act- 1956 (102 of 1956 and Enrollment in any state Medical Register maintained under than Act). Compulsory Rotatory Internship.

Assistant Commandant


Degree in Civil Engineering.

Assistant Commandant
(Veterinary Assistant Surgeon)


Degree in Veterinary service and Animal Husbandry.

Assistant Commandant


Degree in Telecommunication Engineering Or Electrical Communication Engineering or equivalent.

(Hindi Translator)

20 to 30yrs

Master's Degree.


20 to 25yrs

B.A. English(100 WPM in shorthand & 40 WPM in typing.) Hindi (80WPM in shorthand typing 25 WPM    

Head Constable
(Combatant Ministerial)

20 to 25yrs

10 + 2 (Speed 30 WPM in English typing.)

 (Speed 25 WPM in Hindi typing.)

Head Constable

18 to 23yrs

Matric with science


18 to 23yrs



20 to 25yrs

B.A , B.Ed

Head Constable

20 to 25yrs

B.A , B.Ed

Head Constable

20 to 25yrs

Matric with Science


18 to 25yrs

Matric with Registration under Nursing Council.


18 to 25yrs

Matric with Diploma in Pharmacy.

(Lab Technician

18 to 25yrs

Matric with Diploma in Medical Lab. Technology.


18 to 25yrs

Matric with 2 yrs. Diploma in Radio Diagnosis.

Head Constable
(Motor Mechanic)

19 to 25yrs

Matric with Diploma in Automobile Engg.

(Motor Mechanic)

18 to 25yrs

Matric Pass with ITI Certificate of Auto Engg/MM Trade

(Motor Transport)

20 to 25yrs

Matric Pass with valid driving licence in light/medium/heavy & 2yrs experience.


20 to 25yrs

Matric & Diploma in Civil Engg.


18 to 23yrs

Middle, Diploma in cutting & tailoring


18 to 23yrs

Matric & one year experience in respective trade

Dearness Allowance :-

51 percent Dearness Allowance on basic pay. This Dearness Allowance is calculated on the basis of the fluctuations of price index from time to time and sanctioned bi-annually.

Free Rations in Border Units to all. When not posted to Border Units, Gazetted Officers are entitled for Rs827/-p.m. and Non-Gazetted Officers Rs.792/-p.m. under certain conditions of deployment. At ordinary places, Non-Gazetted Officers are paid Ration Money @ Rs.614/- p.m.

City Compensatory Allowance

Rs.25 to Rs.300 OR Composite Hill Compensatory Allowance Rs.100 to Rs.300 OR Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance Rs.40 to Rs.1300 depending on pay scales and place of posting.

Detachment Allowance :

when on duties away from Battalion Headquarters ranging from Rs.420/-p.m. to Rs.900/-p.m. at ordinary places and Border posts and Rs.750/-p.m. to Rs.1590/-p.m. when on duty in Kashmir Valley.

Free Uniform and Washing Allowance @ Rs.75/- p.m. to Non-Gazetted personnel.

Initial Uniform Grant is Rs.3250/- , Renewal Uniform Grant is Rs.3000/- in cycles of 7 years and Kit Maintenance Allowance Rs.300/-p.m. to Gazetted Officers. Warm clothing and Snow clothing are free issue.

Organisation Special Pay Rs.100/-, Rs.60/-, Rs.40/- and Rs.30/- p.m. to Subedar Major/Inspector, Sub-Inspector, Head Constable and Constable respectively on completion of Basic Training..

Leave Travel Concession In blocks of 4 years, two LTCs for the officer and his family can avail to visit his home town or one LTC for home town and one LTC to visit anywhere in India. When the officer is away from his family, he can avail the LTC for himself each year.

Earned Leave is 60 days at Units and 30 days at the Directorate-General and Sector Headquarters.

Casual Leave is 15 days at Units and 8 days at the Directorate-General and Sector Headquarters.

Other kinds of leave admissible : 20 days half pay leave is available in a calendar year. Half pay leave can be commuted on medical certificates. Hospital leave is admissible to all ranks from Constables to Sub-Inspectors during hospitalisation as indoor patient. Paternity Leave of 15 days is available to male employees and 180 days Maternity Leave to female employees to those with less than 2 surviving children.

Rent Free unfurnished accommodation or compensation in lieu there of is given when posted to Units and Training Centres for Gazetted Officers and rent free unfurnished accommodation to Non-Gazetted Officers at all places of appointment.


Reaching the top management level is the limit for a competent,capable and hard working member of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police.A capable person irrespective of his cadre whether General Duty cadre or other cadres and of his intake level can earn his career progression if he can toil and sweat.



An Assistant Commandant ,ITBP , in the pay scale of Rs.15,600-39,100 after 6 year of aervice.After 11 years in Group-'A'(Class-I) service including 5 year service as Deputy Commandant,the officer can get promotion to the rank of Secondin-Command in the pay scale of Rs.21,900-39,100.With 15 year Group-A (Class-I) service inckluding 4 years as Second-in-XCommand the officer becomes eligible to get promoted to the rank of Commandant in the pay scale of Rs.37,400-67,000/-.The promotional prospects are bright and Officers can reach upto the level of Deputy Inspector General and Inspector General.


A person joining as Sub-Inspector in the pay scale of Rs 93,00-34,800/- becomes eligible for promotion to the rank of Inspector in the pay scale of Rs 12,540-34,800/- after putting 3 years of aervice .After putting 3 Years as Inspector ,he becomes eligible to the Subedar Major in the pay scale of Rs 13,350-34,800/- plus Appointment pay of Rs 200/-On completion of 5 years of service as Inspector /Subedar Major,he is considered for promotion as Assistant Commandant in the pay Scale 15,600-39,100/-.On completion of 6 years Group 'A' (Class-I) he becomes eligible for promotion as Deputy Commandant in the pay scale of Rs 18750-39,100/-. Promotion to the rank of Inspector is subject to passing Departmental Promotion Test.The person joining as Sub-Inspector can reach upto the level of 2nd In Command and Commandant subject to his caliber and vacancies available for promotion. The person joining as Constable in the pay scale of Rs 6,460-20,200/- becomes eligible for promotion to the rank of Head Constable in the pay scale of Rs 7,510- 20,200/- after 8 years of service.After 13 years service including 8 year service as Head Constable,he becomes eligible to the rank of Sub-Inspector in the pay scale of Rs 9,300 -34,800/-.After 16 years service including 3 years service as Sub-Imspector, he becomes eligible to the rank of Inspector in the pay-scale pf Rs.12,540-34,800/-/After 19 years service including 3 years as Inspector,he becomes elligible to the rank Subedar Major in the pay scale of Rs13,350-34,800/- plus Appointment pay of Rs 200/- Promotion in each rank from Constable to Inspector is subject to passing departmental promotion tests.The Promotion prospects are bright and a person can reach upto the level of Assistant Commandant and Deputy Commandant.


Medical Cadre

In Medical Cadre,assured promotion avenues are available .A Medical Officer(Group-A) in the pay scale of Rs 15,600-39.100 is given promotion as Senior Medical Officer (Deputy Commandant) in the pay scale of Rs 18,750-39,100 after 4 years of regular service.On completion of 6 year service as Senior Medical Officer or 10 years of total service in the Cadre he is promoted as Chief Medical Officer (Ordinary Grade) in the pay scale of Rs 21,900-39,100/-.After rendering 6 years service as Chief Medical Officer (Ordinary Grade) he gets promoted as Chief Medical Officer (Selection Grade) in the pay scale of Rs 37,400-67,000/-One post of Director(Medical) in the pay scale of Rs 40,200-67,000/- is available and this post is filled by promotion from amongst the Chief Medical Officers(Selection Grade) with not less than 3 years service in the grade or 17 years of Total service.

Engineering Cadre

An Assistant Commandant (Engineer) in the pay scale of Rs.15,600-39,100 on completion of 6 years of regular aervice in the grade,becomes eligible for promotion to the rank of Deputy Commandant (Engineer) in the pay scale of Rs.18,750-39,100.The Deputy Commandant(Engg) with 15 years Group 'A' (Class-I) service of which 10 years should be as Deputy Commanant (Engineer) becomes eligible for Commandant (Engineer) in the pay scale of Rs.37,400-67,000.Commandant (Engineer) with 18 years Group 'A' (Class-I) service of which minimum 10 years of regular service should be in the rank of Comandant (Engineer), becomes eligible for Additional Deputy Inspector General(Engineer).

Veterinary Cadre: -

An Assistant Commandant (Veterinary Assistant Surgeon) in the pay scale of Rs15,600-39,100 becomes eligible to get promotion to the rank of Deputy Commandant (Veterinary Surgeon) in the pay scale of Rs18,750-39,100 after 6 years of regular service in the grade .After 5 years of regular service as Deputy Commandant (Veterinary Surgeon) one is eligible to be promoted as Commandant (Senior Veterinary Surgeon) in the pay scale of Rs37,400-67,400/-.



ITBP personnel are entitled for Superannuation Pension on attaining the age of 57/60 years. Those who retire after completion of minimum 10 years service, on account of disability/disease are given an Invalid Pension. If such disability/disease is attributable to service, they are given a Disability Pension, in addition. Family Pension is admissible to the family of any ITBP person who dies while in service. If death is due to service condition, the family gets family pension at a higher rates under the Extra-Ordinary Pension Rules and liberalized pension equivalent to the last pay drawn. This is in the case of death caused by attacks by extremists.


Superannuation/Invalid Pension/Voluntary Retirement with 33 years, is equal to 50% of average pay last drawn by the retiree and it is proportionate to those with less than 33 years service. In the case of death of a government servant, the family pension is given @ 30% of last pay drawn by the deceased, and it is 50% if the deceased had served for more than 7 years.


40% of pension can be commuted by the retirees.


On retirement, gratuity is paid @ 1/4 of last pay+ DA drawn for each completed six monthly period. In case of death, with 20 years service gratuity is paid @ 1/2 of last pay+DA and it is at sliding rate for less than 20 years service.

Ex-gratia Payment

Rs.5 lakhs - for death while on duty, due to accident, violence by terrorists etc. Rs. 7.5 lakhs - for death occurring during any enemy action in war, and action against militants etc. Rs.5 lakhs - for death due to accident while traveling in any service aircrafts.

Leave Encashment

On retirement/death, cash equivalent to the leave salary (pay+DA) for the earned leave left at his credit is paid.

General Provident Fund

On retirement/quitting service, the amount standing at the credit of a subscriber is paid to him/her. In case of death after 5 years service, an additional amount equivalent to average balance during last 3 years will be paid Under the Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme subject to the condition of a minimum balance during last 3 years as under:

Post held maximum balance of which is

Monthly minimum during last 3 years

Rs.12,000/- or more


Rs.9,000/- 11,999


Rs.3,500/- 8,999


below Rs.3,500/-


Group Insurance Scheme

In case of death, families of Group 'A','B'&'C' category employees will get Rs.1,20,000 , Rs.60,000 and Rs.30,000/- respectively ,in addition to a lumpsum payment due from the savings funds. On retirement, they will get a lumpsum amount as per the Table of Benefits published by the headquarters from time to time.


ITBP Pay Structure



Pay Band

Grade Pay

Basic Pay

Total Pay


Director General

Apex Scale


Rs. 80000(Fixed)

Rs. 80000


Addl. Director General

PB - 4 (67000-79000)



Rs. 59100


Inspector General

PB - 4 (37400-67000)


Rs. 43000

Rs. 53000


Deputy Inspector General

PB - 4 (37400-67000)

Rs.  8900

Rs. 40200

Rs. 49100



PB - 4 (37400-67000)

Rs.  8700

Rs. 37400

Rs. 46100



PB - 3 (15600-39100)

Rs.  7600

Rs. 21900

Rs. 29500


Deputy Commandant

PB - 3 (15600-39100)

Rs.  6600

Rs. 18750

Rs. 25350


Assistant Commandant

PB - 3 (15600-39100)

Rs.  5400

Rs. 15600

Rs. 21000


Subedar Major

PB - 2 ( 9300-34800 )

Rs.  4800

Rs. 13350

Rs. 18150



PB - 2 ( 9300-34800 )

Rs.  4600

Rs. 12540

Rs. 17140



PB - 2 ( 9300-34800 )

Rs.  4200

Rs.   9300

Rs. 13500


Asstt Sub Inspector

PB - 1 ( 5200-20200 )

Rs.  2800

Rs.   8560

Rs. 11360


Head Constable

PB - 1 ( 5200-20200 )

Rs.  2400

Rs.   7510

Rs.  9910



PB - 1 ( 5200-20200 )

Rs.  2000

Rs.  6460

Rs.   8460


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