SWTS: Mission

The Mission of Support Weapons Training School( SWTS) is to impart training of the highest order to in service personnel, right from jawans to The level of officers of the ITBP in support weapons related courses and to make them professionally sound and competent in the tactics and operational use of support weapons like 81mm Mortar, 7.62 mm MMG, AGS, CGRL and Sniper rifle.

Location of SWTS

SUPPORT WEAPONS TRAINING SCHOOL, SWTS, was raised on 26/04/2012 at 18 Bn, Allahabad with a mandate to run all BSW courses with a limited strength of 84 vide Dte General Memo No. 376 dated 22.05.2012. In March 2015, the school was shifted from 18Bn, Allahabad to SPT Bn. Presently, this institute is temporarily functioning w.e.f. 01/04/2015 in the premises at SPT Bn, Karera, Shivpuri (MP) as a sole institute responsible for all support weapons related courses. Before raising the institute, the courses related to the Basic Support Weapons were conducted by Spt Bn Karera.