DGs Over the Years

This Album Shows Details of Erstwhile and Current DGs of Itbp
SH BALBIR SINGH  SH. BALBIR SINGH, IG 2.2.63 TO 2.6.64 : 1 SH B CHATAR JEE  SH B. CHATERJEE, IG 2.6.64 TO 31.8.74 : 2 SH. R.N. SHEOPORY  SH. R.N. SHEOPORY,IG,  FROM 3.9.74 TO 22.12.80 AND DG, 13-2-81 TO 7-4-81 AND 1.6.81 TO 4.6.81 SH K RAMA MURTI  SH K RAMA MURTI, IG 22.12.80 TO 31.1.81
SH SHIV RAJ BAHADUR  SH SHIV RAJ BAHADUR,DG 4.6.81 TO 31.12.83 SH SHIVA SWARUP  SH SHIVA SWARUP,DG 1.1.84 TO 19.3.84 SH. M.C MISHRA  SH. M.C MISHRA, DG, 19.03.84 TO 28.3.85 SH. O. P. BHUTANI  SH. O. P. BHUTANI, DG, 28-3-85 TO 28-2-87
SH. J.M. QURESHI  SH. J.M. QURESHI ,DG, 28-2-87 TO 2-3-88 SH G S MANDER  SH G S MANDER,DG ,2.3.88 TO 8.7.88 SH D.V.I.N. RAMA KRISNAR  SH D.V.I.N. RAMA KRISNAR ,DG, 8-7-88 TO 31-1-92 SH R K WADEHRA  SH R K WADEHRA, DG ,31.1.92 TO 31.1.93
SH DK ARYA  SH DK ARYA,DG, 3.2.93 TO 31.1.94 SH S C MEHTA  SH S C MEHTA,DG, 31.1.94 TO 16.4.94 SH R C JHA  SH R C JHA,DG, 16.4.94 TO 31.3.95 SH JOGENDER SINGH  SH JOGENDER SINGH,DG, 31.1.95 TO 10.4.96
SH R K SHARMA  SH R K SHARMA,DG 10.4.96 TO 10.1.97 SH B B NANDI  SH B B NANDI,DG, 10.1.97 TO 3.4.97 SH NIKHIL KUMAR  SH NIKHIL KUMAR,DG 3.4.97 TO 3.12.97 PT. GAUTAM KAUL  PT. GAUTAM KAUL,DG, 1.6.98 TO 31.3.01
Sh.S.C.Chaube  Sh.S.C.Chaube,DG 31.03.01 to 31.12.02 SRI. R.C. AGARWAL  SH. R.C. AGARWAL, DG 31-12-2002 TO 30-6-2004 SRI K.J. SINGH  SH K.J. SINGH,DG 1-7-2004 TO 30-4-2005 SH S.K KAIN  SH S.K Kain , DG, 5-5-05 TO 31-10-2005
SH. N.C. Joshi  SH N.C. Joshi, DG 01-11-05 to 31-12-05 SH V K JOSHI  SH V K JOSHI,DG, 1.1.06 TO 2.5.08 SH VIKRAM SRIVASTAVA  SH VIKRAM SRIVASTAVA, DG 2-5-08 to 31-01-10 SH R K BHATIA  SH R K BHATIA DG 01.02.2010 TO 31.08.2011
SH RANJIT SINHA  SH RANJIT SINHA  DG, 01.09.2011 TO 19.12.12 SH AJAY CHADHA  SH AJAY CHADHA, DG 19.12.12 TO.31-08-2013 SH Subhas Goswami  SH. Subhas Goswami, DG, 11.11.2013 to 31.12.2014 SH KRISHNA CHAUDHARY  SH KRISHNA CHAUDHARY, DG, FROM 31.12.2014 TO 30.06.2017